Cool Stuff that Does Good

Cool Stuff that Does Good

Here is cool new technology that may help to encourage more blood donations. Did you know the world faces a shortage of blood for lifesaving transfusions? One thing that might discourage donors from returning is having to endure a nurse or tech poking around their arm in order to find a vein.

Check out this Australian device that shows a glowing map of your veins. It may look radioactive, but the device is very safe. It works by shining near-infrared light onto your arm, which gets absorbed by the deoxygenated hemoglobin that’s already floating around your blood. This creates a glowing green image of your veins that nurses can use to guide where the needle goes in.

While this technology is already used globally in clinical settings to assist in taking blood samples, it’s now being trialed on blood donors by the Australian Red Cross.

See the video here:

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