Tips from Houston Optometrists

Protect Your Eyes During the Solar Eclipse

This Aug. 21, the entire United States will experience a partial eclipse of the sun lasting 2 to 3 hours. Parts of 11 states will experience a total solar eclipse (this does not include Houston).  If you want to watch the partial eclipse, make sure to take care of your vision during the eclipse. Looking [...]

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Detergent Pods Dangerous to Preschool Children

In just three years, the incidence of children admitted to hospitals with ocular burns increased from 12 reported cases in the U.S. to 1,201. What is happening here? Researchers have concluded that the increasing use of detergent pods has caused the spike, and that children ages 3 and 4 are most vulnerable. Researchers at the [...]

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Too Much Smartphone Use = Dry Eye in Children

Researchers from Korea found that children who viewed smartphone screens more than their peers were more likely to develop Dry Eye Disease (DED), a disorder more commonly observed in older people. DED causes discomfort such as burning and stinging, makes contact lens wear difficult or intolerable, and can lead to other ocular problems. The researchers [...]

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Google Algorithm Detects Diabetic Eye Disease

In a study sponsored by Google, re­searchers found that a newly developed deep learning computer algorithm taught itself to detect diabetic eye disease as well as 54 medical eye specialists (ophthalmologists) when reviewing photos of the retina. Deep learning is a computational method which allows an algorithm to program itself through “learning.” The project’s system, [...]

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Surgical Robot that May Restore Sight

A surgical robot that can perform with hyper-precision, beyond what the human hand can perform, is being used to deliver gene therapy that may restore sight to the blind. Eye surgeon Robert E. MacLaren conducts the first macular peel using the Robotic Retinal Dissection Device at University of Oxford (UK). Credit: University of Oxford [...]

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Smart Contact Lenses Use “Interscatter Communication”

Researchers have introduced a new way of communicating that allows devices such as contact lenses to “talk” to everyday devices such as smartphones and watches. This technology, developed at the University of Washington, may transform how patients and their doctors manage chronic diseases. Called “interscatter communication,” the technology works by converting Bluetooth signals into Wi-Fi [...]

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Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month

Today’s Vision Sugar Land wants you to know that November is Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month. More than 8 million Americans have diabetic retinopathy. According to a study by Prevent Blindness, that number expected to jump in the coming years, particularly among Hispanic populations. Currently, 67 percent of cases are among whites and 17 percent among [...]

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Youngest Children at Highest Risk for Chemical Eye Burns

Today’s Vision Sugar Land wants you to know that new research indicates that children ages one and two are at the highest risk for chemical eye burns, despite commonly-held beliefs that working-age adults are at highest risk. This study, published in JAMA Ophthalmology, is the first to show that toddlers are at highest risk. Researchers [...]

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