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Eye Drop that Dissolves Cataracts

Scientists at the University of California, San Diego have developed a treatment that’s shown to shrink and even dissolve cataracts, the leading cause of human blindness worldwide. Most older Americans develop cataracts, which cloud the eye's lens and affects vision. Cataracts are treated by a surgery in which the lens of the eye is removed [...]

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Staring at Screens Day & Night

WOW. The Nielsen Ratings released amazing data about how much time US consumers are spending staring at digital screens, from TVs to PCs to smartphones. Did you know we are spending an average of 43 hours a month looking at smartphone screens (viewing apps, browsers, videos)? That’s an hour and 43 minutes a day - [...]

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Halloween Special Effects Contact Lenses – Safety Checklist

Visit your eye doctor for a contact lens exam, fitting and prescription (regardless of whether you need vision correction). Buy contact lenses from a licensed ECP or an eyewear retailer that requires you to have a prescription. Never buy contact lenses from an unlicensed source that doesn't require a prescription. Doing so greatly increases your risk [...]

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